Current PhD Opportunities

BBSRC CTP four-year studentships for October 2018

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC ) have awarded a Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) grant to a consortium led by Berry Gardens Growers Ltd and NIAB EMR. The Collaborative Training Partnership for Fruit Crop Research ( focuses on research and development on important fruit crops in the UK.  There are six four-year PhD studentships available to start from October 2018.  These topics are:

Novel ways of managing tree crop fungal diseases – using precision diagnostic technologies to tailor disease management strategies
Ref: CTP_FCR_2018_1

Realising increased photosynthetic efficiency to increase strawberry yields
Ref: CTP_FCR_2018_2

Making genotyping cheaper and easier
Ref: CTP_FCR_2018_3

Fruit flies and fatal fungi: exploring interactions between entomopathogens and Spotted Wing Drosophila
Ref: CTP_FCR_2018_4

Investigating durable resistance to Phytophthora cactorum in strawberry and apple
Ref: CTP_FCR_2018_5

Understand soil resilience to improve tree health
Ref: CTP_FCR_2018_6

Using machine learning to predict post-storage fruit quality with surface microbiomes, climatic and imaging data
Ref: CTP_FCR_2018_7

The augmented agronomist: Synthesis of AI, ML and robotics to assist decision support 
Ref: CTP_FCR_2018_8