Making genotyping cheaper and easier

October 2019 – September 2023

Akinkunmi Akinyanju

Akinkunmi obtained his BSc in Biochemistry at the University of Portsmouth. In this four year PhD research study, he will aim to develop both laboratory and bioinformatics techniques to capture the full spectrum of genetic variants using a variety of biological models with modifications of agronomic importance that require the development of specific tests to study non-standard genetic modifications. The research work will be divided into up to four areas:

  1. Identifying a low-cost method for SNP evaluation using single-molecule sequencing
  2. Identifying epi-alleles using single-molecule sequencing with Phytophthora fragariae as a model of epiallelic variation
  3. Tracking structural variants: using Fusarium formae specialis structural rearrangements to identify dynamic genomic rearrangements
  4. Identifying k-mer and signature-based identification: developing reference-free approaches of tracking allelic variation using single-molecule sequencing.