Funding Organisations

Berry Gardens Growers

Berry Gardens Growers Ltd (BGG) is the Industry lead for this CTP programme. BGG provides all year-round fresh fruit to Britains top retailers. The company is unique in the industry within the UK in being wholly owned by growers. BGGs mission is to delight consumers and drive exciting category growth year round for their customers by delivering a full range of top quality berries, cherries and plums direct from the grower owners and other innovative producers around the world. This is achieved through a fair, efficient and sustainable supply chain, maintained by optimising returns, constantly innovating and providing excellent value services to growers.

Contact: Mr Richard Harnden.

Marks and Spencer Plc

Marks and Spencer Plc (M&S) is a premium food retailer, we are dedicated in supporting UK agriculture and innovation and are committed to help drive sustainability with our farming supply base for our growers, customers and shareholders, enhancing lives every day through offering of the high quality, own brand food, clothing and home products in the stores and online both in the UK and internationally.

Contact: Mr Matt O’Hagan.


MACK Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of fresh produce to the UK. Serving an extensive customer base from major supermarkets to independent retailers and from food service operators to florists, they have grown steadily since their beginnings in 1874. MACKs reputation has been built through the continuing commitment to quality produce, customer service, employee development and ethical trading. In addition to producing fruit in the UK, Mack sources fresh produce from over 30 countries around the world.

Contact: Mr Andrew Sellar.

The National Association of Cider Makers

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) was founded in 1920 and is the governing body of the cider and perry industry in the UK. It represents both larger producers and many smaller scale Cider Makers. The NACM is a member of the Association of the Cider and Fruit Wine Industries of the European Union.

Contact: Mr Richard Heathcote.

Greenyard Fresh UK Ltd

Greenyard Fresh UK Ltd is a specialist importer, ripener and pre-packer of tropical, stone fruit, cherries, avocado and pome fruits. The Company has worldwide farming partnerships and has invested in national (including NIAB EMR) and international breeding programmes to secure new varieties to protect the future of the UK industry, and to ensure differentiation in the marketplace.

Contact: Mr Jonathan Sutton.

Worldwide Fruit Ltd

Worldwide Fruit Ltd and their sister company Fruition lead UK pome fruit production with a third market share and supply to leading supermarkets. Driven by excellence in production and profitability through innovation, the company participates in BBSRC studentships as well as collaborative LINK proposals and Innovate UK bids successfully.

Contact: Mr Tony Harding.

AHDB Horticulture

AHDB is the UK levy board, which includes the horticultural sector, with a remit that includes funding R&D on behalf of the industry and communicating results to growers. With responsibility for over 300 horticultural crops, AHDB Horticulture represents the different crop interests through several crop-specific sector panels. The Tree Fruit and Soft Fruit panels fund a range of applied/applied strategic research relevant to those sectors.

Contact: Dr Nikki Harrison.