Optimising photsynthetic performance, marketable yields and berry quality using blue light

october 2021 – september 2025

Mengjie Fan

This project aims to uncover the mechanisms of early-stage blue light acclimation on the improvement of photosynthesis processes. The effects of blue light ‘priming’ on assimilation rate, stomatal responses, water use efficiency, leaf pigmentation, photoprotection, termosensitivity and floral initiation will be explored. We will use genetic manipulation on blue light signalling pathways to deepen our understanding on photosynthetic acclimation to blue light. Furthermore, we will investigate the potential of using blue light to increase key flavanols and phenolic acid content in berries. Collectively, this project will provide pathways to achieve higher fruit yield and better berry quality. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of these responses will shed light on future breeding avenues for improving photosynthetic productivity, reducing water use, and regulation of fruit bearing.   

Research progress

Mengjie Fan AHDB Annual Report 2022

Mengjie Fan AHDB Annual Report 2023